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About Us

Our story began over ten years ago, traveling to the Middle East inspired us to create a fragrance that helps people find their identity and expression. A fragrance that excites you and makes you desirable to the whole world.

During our travels to Dubai, the cultural center of the world, we have met a multitude of people from different countries and cultures, experienced countless scents and fell deeply in love with Arabic scents.

One of the best-known ingredients of classic Arabian perfume is Oud, also known as black gold in the Middle East, a pungent and prized fragrance ingredient that comes from one of the rarest and most rare woods. more expensive in the world. Today very popular in the Western world and therefore more exclusive than ever.

Our Scentiment fragrance brand is a passionate attempt to bring a touch of innovation and modernity to proven Arab fragrances. It is a complete package for the attractive, confident and sophisticated customers of a universal range who are looking for a combination of classic and modern scents.

Inspired by the art of classic Arabic perfume, it carries the memories and feelings of a traveler leaving a high level impression.

By spreading positivity and uniting people around the world through scents, fragrant scent is a real must-have for Him and Her.
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